The Rappahannock Benevolent Fund is pleased to have approved 155 grant applications with 190 actual disbursements in 2018. Some grants were given for assistance in more than one category.

The primary grant categories for 2018

Utilities: 88

Housing: 58

Transportation: 30

Miscellaneous: 10

Children: 4

“The Rappahannock Benevolent Fund has helped me keep warm in winter. My Social Security check only goes so far. I am able to keep on keeping on because of your generosity.”
- Rappahannock Grant Recipent

“My family has experienced much unexpected illness. This has led to a financial disaster. I had lost hope of any relief from the agencies we had applied to for help. Then I was given the RBF phone number. I received timely help and comfort through the next few months.”
- Rappahannock Grant Recipent