Winter is a Beach! This year’s theme is CARIBBEAN! The Celebrity Waiter Dinner will be held on January 26, 2019, 6-10 PM at the Washington School, 567 Mt. Salem, Washington, VA 22747. If you have questions about this event, you may call of email the Chairperson for the dinner, Theresa Wood at 817.403.0496, twood1109(at)


·  The RBF Dinner is our annual fundraiser.  Money raised at this event supports the Benevolent Fund and allows us to help neighbors in need.  Fundraising is achieved through various means including ticket and table sales, silent and live auctions, raffle items, and monetary and in-kind donations.  Your job as a host and celebrity waiter is simple: insure that your guests have fun while helping us support the Benevolent Fund.

·  Each host is responsible for selling or purchasing the 10 seats at your table.  Tickets are $85.00 each or $850 for an entire table.  Once you have filled your table, please e-mail me the name of each guest.  This will insure a smooth check-in for the dinner.   If you are unable to fill your table, please let us know by January 7th.  At that time, we will sell the vacant seats at your table to the general public.

·  As the host, you may designate a co-host to help with your table.

·  Each seat at your table(s) should be paid for prior to the event.  Checks should be made payable to RBF and can be mailed to:

Rappahannock Benevolent Fund

P.O. Box 133

Washington, VA 22747

 Please note “RBF Dinner” in the memo line.

 You may also pay online here.

 ·  Host duties include serving your table drinks and dinner, providing hospitality for your guests, creating a lively party environment, and making guests aware or donation opportunities.  Have fun and use your imagination!  Your guests will respond to your enthusiasm. 

·  Each table will be supplied with an envelope to hold money collected throughout the evening.  For those who choose not to make a monetary donation, there will be an option for in-kind donations such as volunteer time, building materials, professional services, etc. 


·  Each host is responsible for creating a Caribbean-themed centerpiece for their table.  Host will have the opportunity to decorate their table prior to the event.

·  China, napkins, flatware, serving bowls, glasses, and Benevolent Fund brochures will be provided for each table.

·  Tables will be draped with a Caribbean-colored floor length skirt

·  The host is responsible for providing the following (again, any of these tasks may be delegated):

-  Appetizer(s) for your table.

-  Cocktail or mocktail for your table.

·  Wine, beer, water, iced tea, and coffee will be provided with dinner.

·  Dinner will be served family-style.  The host is responsible for serving their table.

·  Hosts are also responsible for clearing their table at the end of the night.

·  Costumes are optional but encouraged!

 Host Auction Items

·  Hosts are asked to secure one (1) raffle item. If you need help securing an item, please let me know and we will provide you with an item.  During the cocktail hour, you may sell chances to win your raffle item.  You determine the price but it should be in ten dollar increments. Selling raffles items is optional however, there will be a fabulous prize awarded to the host who raises the most money (overall) for the Benevolent Fund!

·  Raffle winners will be announced prior to the live auction.

·  Chips will be available for purchase the night of the event.  Chips may be used for raffle items, tipping waiters, or donations.  Chips cannot be used for live or silent auction purchases.  Credit cards, checks, and cash will be accepted for auction items.

Raffle items are fun!  In the past, they have raised a great deal of interest and money.  Ideas include gift certificates (restaurants, inns, and services), wine, Trinity Episcopal scarf, local art, and celebrity-led hikes or dinners.  The possibilities are endless!

 Please note, we have made a few logistical changes this year:

·  We have reduced the number of tables to allow for more freedom of movement during the event.

·   All food will be served hot and fresh from the kitchen or from Big John’s onsite smoker.

·  Dinner will be served family-style on china with metal flatware.

·   The band will take a break during dinner to allow for comfortable conversation.  

Questions?  Call or email!  Happy to help.

 Theresa Wood